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welcome, friend!

new to the faith

We believe in building authentic relationship with Jesus Christ from a place of understanding who He is. At VHC we have designed classes that will inspire your walk with Jesus Christ from a place of reasoning, help you understand and connect better with our team and the church, as we dive into how you can find your purpose, develop your leadership, and make a difference.


join a small group

Real community and growth is dong life together with others who are there to encourage, love, build authentic relation and hold you accountable. This is why we have groups available.Contact us for available small groups in your area or if you want to start one!


join the team

We believe we are all called to serve. We have created opportunities for you to use your gift and grow in them. We encourage you to finish the NEXT STEP classes and be part of the amazing team who wants to serve with you. It’s always about giving HOPE, saving LIVES.



  • What Happens before service?

20 minutes before service we gather together and have a short prayer session. This is open to everyone who wishes to participate. There after, our teams are out welcoming you. Come few minutes early, grab a drink, hot or cold enjoy the preservice atmosphere.

  • What do I wear when I attend a service?

Our church has different ethnicity and generations. We believe Church is for all. You’ll find everything from casual clothes, traditional clothes, to business suite during our services. Come in what is comfortable for you.

  • What is service like?

Our auditorium has an awesome host who will help you find a seat. Our worship team will lead in playing some inspirational songs that you can sing along and connect with. Following the music, there will be some relevant teaching from the Bible that we believe always inspires and gives you hope.

Still have questions? Contact us!

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